Why is Pokemon Go such a HUGE Success?

Pokémon Go is having crazy success since it has been launched. I see young children playing it everywhere and even professionals on the bus during the commute to and from work! It seems like everyone is playing this game no matter the age. Pokémon Go a prime example of a successful mobile application we can take a lesson from. I loved watching Pokémon when I was a kid and dreamt of having my own Charizard. I also dreamt of catching them all like everyone else who watched it when it aired in the 2000s.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go has done an amazing job of taking advantage of our childhood memories by building an app based on the nostalgia of Millennials. Pokémon Go uses augmented reality to attract users to play.

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. To play the game users have to enable their smartphone’s camera to capture pokémons on their screens using the real world environment. Additionally, playing this game is fun and is good exercise. Not only is Pokémon Go fun but the developers have adopted the latest technologies to create something that is dynamic and a new experience for their users.

Playing Pokémon Go is a social activity as well. This game includes Pokéstops and Pokégyms in which a player should visit to accomplish in game tasks and objectives. Once they arrive at these stops and gyms they will find other players to converse and socialize with. This app is making a killing in revenue without even charging users for the product initially. According to Venture Beat, Pokémon Go has generated approximately $35 million in revenue within its first two weeks and brings in approximately $1.6 million each day from iPhone users alone. The strategy used by Niantic is very smart. The core app is free and users don`t have to pay for anything. Once the users enjoy the app, they can make in app purchases to make their gaming experience more worthwhile. A win for the customer and a win for Niantic!

This summarizes Pokémon Go`s success in a nutshell. If you are considering to build a mobile app, ample3D has you covered. 

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