Don\'t be the next victim to WannaCry!

Just a week ago we had the biggest cyber-attack ever called WannaCry! OMG! And some people did cry lol but that’s not funny!

WannaCry is a Ransomware, a type of malicious software designed by criminal hackers to block people’s access to their computers and precious information and then demand a sum of money to be paid as a ransom to get back access or lose everything. Since last week more than 200 thousand computers in over 150 countries were affected.

These anonymous hackers are typically demanding payment via bitcoin as bitcoins are an untraceable digital currency so there is no way of tracing where the payment went. Just like any other ransom crime, if that ransom is not paid, the files are lost or permanently locked by the hacker. This can be devastating to many as we are so dependent on computers. Victims of this attack included telecom companies, hospitals, banks, utility companies, businesses and various other institutions.

Keep in mind WannaCry is not the only ransomware out there. There are various other types of ransomware out there that can affect you. To be on the safer side, you can take a few early measures to ensure safety for your systems. There are various cyber security products out there you can purchase to ensure safety, but the best and simple one I find is to purchase an external hard drive and regularly back up everything on it and keep it disconnected from your computer.

This attack affected many computers, but please note that mobile phones are also subject to and not safe from these types of attacks. IPhones are better when it comes to security just don’t click on any spam type links that come up. Android phones are more prone to these types of attacks and can easily be affected by downloading an app so stick to downloading apps through trusted sources like the Google App store.

A ransomware type of attack can create a significant problem and even lead large financial losses so before the next one hits, protect yourself. Safe computing!

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