Want to make your app go viral?

There is more to an app than just developing it and hoping it is an overnight success.  A lot of planning and strategizing needs to be taken to reach the next step.

Here are a 3 ways to help your app go viral.

1. Choose your platform wisely

If your app is in the initial stages of development, you may not have enough funding to have both an iOS and Android version of your app. Studies have shown 10% of users actively use an app they have installed after a week and 5% after a month. Retaining users is a major challenge which forces developers and the marketing team to find clever solutions as a result.  “A new study from Apps Flyer finds that Android users are actually more engaging than iOS users, while those on iOS are more likely to buy than to engage.”

You must ask yourself is the popularity of your app a higher priority than immediate revenue.

2. Reward your users

Create incentives to motivate your users to share the app with their social media network. One of the main reasons Candy Crush is so successful is because it has a reward system for sharing mentions. Also create urgency by providing a limited promotion which gives users an incentive to take immediate action.

3. Making sharing simple and easy

Don’t make the sharing settings of your app so complex that it causes frustration. Instead, provide users the ability to share the app on different social platforms in one or two taps. 

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