Beacon Technologies & App Development

Have you heard of iBeacon technologies? Pretty cool stuff!!! We are making some cool stuff with Beacon tech!

Firstly, iBeacon tech was developed by Apple and the name iBeacon is interchangeable with Beacon technology.

Beacon tech is transforming and disrupting various industries by allowing merchants to understand exactly where a customer is in the brick and mortar environment. This is bringing a paradigm shift in consumer purchasing behaviours by enabling the merchant to send customers meaningful messages and advertisements directly on their mobile devices while they are shopping.

In short it works like this, you go to a store with your smartphone with a app installed and receives a message “Welcome to Jimmy’s Pizza! Ask about our in store special today!” This is done by the app communicating with the beacon and then triggering an action. Simple right!

But that's not all, beacon tech can be used in various other areas like real-time user tracking, targeted advertisements, payments processing allowing users to wrap up their bar tabs directly from their phones, loyalty campaigns personalized push notifications and so much more.

I was at Sydney airport and got a message for my flight and I was WTF lol it was too cool. This will definitely change the way we interact with everything around us from traveling to eating out to entertainment. Yet to see Beacon tech in Ottawa but sure there are few cool ideas brewing.

ample3D offers beacon app development services that help create app to connect with customers, create personalized user experience, and drive cross-channel sales.

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